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Another of the fabled Jotunn of Norse Mythology, Aegir is the legendary giant of the seas, who was worshipped within the Norse pantheon as the God of the Oceans and the lord of all creatures who dwelled in the sea. Here he is shown in exquisite detail as a gargantuan man, rising from the ocean and appearing as though he is robed in waves and sea foam, with a belt of sea shells worn about his waist and a great horned helm crowning his head.

With one muscled hand holding a forked trident pointed towards the seas from which he's rising, the other is raised aloft in a grand gesture that seems to both cause the stirring of the waves even as it would welcome any into his embrace. Indeed, Aegir was often revered as a god whose great feasts entertained the gods with the bounty of the sea.

Within the waves that form his robes, Aegir shows this bounty in the form of great sharks and leviathans, with tentacle octopuses appearing in the swells alongside the great length of the world serpent, Jormungandr. Accenting the sheer scale of Aegir's presence, a dragon ship, the legendary sea vessel of the Vikings, is shown riding on the waves by Aegir's feet.

Truly a wonderful representation of the Norse god of the oceans, the Aegir statue stands 10" tall and 7" wide, with no detail spared. From the rippling foam of the waves to the curls of his great beard, every aspect of this cold cast resin statue has been hand painted to vividly portray it as though it had been cast of bronze or copper.

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