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MCDRUNBO Blue Onyx Rune Set


Featuring 25 blue onyx rune stones--24 carved with the runes of the Norse, Elder Futhark runes and 1 blank rune--that offer you a powerful tool for divination and other magical practices. The Elder Futhark runes of Norse tradition each represent a force, concept, power, or deity that can help you find answers that you seek or offer power to your spells and rituals. These potent runes have been carved into blue onyx stones, intended to help bring calm, inner peace, and aid you in seeking and developing such skills as clairvoyance. Each Blue Onyx Rune Set includes 25 hematite rune stones that come in a plush, velveteen bag and an instructional booklet to help you understand the runes of the Elder Futhark and how to use them.

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  • Model: DRUNBO Blue Onyx Rune Set

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