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MCFGON17 18" Gong


This archetypical instrument can be used to signify the beginning of spells, ceremonies, and all manner of ritual practices. As with many other bells, the gong is believed to be of wonderful use in meditation and prayer, and can be wrung to help create spiritual vibrations that can dispel negativity and attract the positive. Indeed, the distinctive notes of its ring (which vary slightly depending on where the gung is struck), cannot help but to stir the sense that something important is starting or ending whenever the sound reaches your ears.

This particular gong has been hand-crafted from fine brass, resulting in an instrument that rings with beautifully pure notes when it is struck. Measuring approximately 18" in diameter, its outer rim is approximately 3" deep, while the rounded, convex bell at its center extends outward over 1", and measures 5" in diameter. These varying surfaces provide you with many opportunities to experiment, and create varied sounds. Coming with a wood-handled, felt-lined mallet, the hammered brass still displays the hammer marks of those who created it. Hang it from its leather strap within your sacred space, and bring good vibrations to your sanctuary.

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