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MCRSB4 4" Tibetan Singing Bowl


A powerful instrument of meditation and prayer, the singing bowl is sometimes used to accompany mudras, and other such hymns and prayers. The vibration that is felt in the brass when it is struck and played is often held to help remove negative energy and help find peace within meditation, aligning the chakras, and other such ritual practice. Much like other bells and noise makers, they can also be used in chasing off evil spirits, or otherwise cleansing a ritual space before intensive prayer and ritual magick.

This particular singing bowl is decorated in an elaborate Tibetan script around its outer surface, with further symbols of religious significance embossed in bell's inner surface, all surrounding an image of Buddha, sitting in the lotus position within the petals of the lotus flower, cupping a singing bowl in one hand.

Measuring 4" wide at its widest point and 2 1/2" high, this bowl is a wonderful addition to any altar or space, coming with a wooden, leather-coated hammer with which to make it sing. 

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