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MCFBD54 Brass Bell and Dorje with Striker


Frequently used within Buddhist rituals, the bell and Dorje are powerful symbols, referring to masculine and feminine powers within the universe. The Dorje is actually viewed by some as a weapon, or the irresistible power of spirituality. The bell in turn is viewed as a representative of the wisdom of emptiness, and the serenity found within. Together they represent the balance of these masculine and feminine powers, and the enlightenment found in wisdom and compassion.

In this case, the bell and dorje are skillfully crafted of brass. The bell measures approximately 3 1/5" in diameter and 6" high, and is engraved with a repeating pattern reminiscent of the traditional patterns found in the tools of Tibet. The dorje, possessing somewhat of a more golden coloring than the bell, measures only 4" long and fits easily into your hand or between your fingers. Also coming with the set is a 5 1/2" long wooden striker, allowing you to ring the bell within your ceremony by striking its rim. 

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