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MCFBMW31 Pentagram Altar Box



Meticulously carved of wood, this unique hinged box is specifically crafted to be a welcome addition within your sacred space, with an appearance that can't help but to conjure to mind the image of a stepped pyramid. Its wide, square base flares out to be 7" long and 7" wide, before tapering upwards to the outer dimensions of the box, which measure approximately 6" wide and 6" long, with its sides unadorned but for the seam and hinges which allow it to open up and reveal a wide cavity within, easily fitting all but the largest of tarot decks and a great many altar tools.

This hinged lid is capped by an ornate top which can function as a miniature altar table unto itself, which is particularly handy for practitioners that would rather not keep their ritual tools out in the open, or for those who simply do not have a lot of space. Of a simple design, its surface is equally smooth and undecorated, except for the black stain which lends its coloring to the box, and the intricate, interwoven pentagram which decorates the top.

The whole container measures approximately 4" high.

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