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MC DPENCOP Pendulum Copper Dowsing Board


 A powerful aid for divination, this dowsing board is intended to be used with your favorite pendulum to help you find the answers that you seek. Made of glass, it features an elaborate design, featuring Celtic-styled swirls, spirals and bordering surrounding a copper-hued, intertwined pentagram. This pentagram aids you in focusing your intent and question, with its center being the neutral point for your pendulum divination. Surrounding its circle you will find your answers. These include the standard yes, no, and maybe answers, as well as more specialized answers such as DWA, or Don`t want to answer, RQ, which means rephrase the question, and N/A meaning not applicable. Combine the board and your favored pendulum with serious thought and careful questions and you should find aid in whatever problems and questions that plague you, as well as guidance in whatever you see. The board is approximately 7 7/8" by 7 7/8", and comes with an instructional aid.

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