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MC RSM900 Beveled Edge Black Scrying Mirror


    Scrying mirrors are a tool of divination that have been used for centuries and cultures, with variations ranging from bowls of water and reflecting pools to sheets of black obsidian. Within their depths, with proper meditation and focus, it is possible to gaze into the past, future, and realms of the spirit and find the answer that you seek to the questions that plague you.

This scrying mirror is designed specifically to be used as a sacred tool within your endeavors to find answers. Resting 12" in diameter, it is made of polished black glass that offers a faintly reflective surface that seems to draw you in and hold your attention as you gaze into its depths. Better yet, this mirror offers a hard-to-find concave surface, with the sides rising in a gentle slope above its center in a way that only enhances its endless depths. This makes it fantastic for use with other ritual materials, such as anointing oils and holy waters.

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