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Greenman Wall Bracket


A wonderful accent for your home or sacred space, this wall piece stylizes the ancient image of the Greenman as a wall bracket to accent your home or sacred space. With vivid attention to detail the piece has been sculpted from cold cast resin to form the leafy features of the Greenman as though they were sculpted from aged copper. The result is a hauntingly beautiful image of eyes that could be almost sad, framed as they are in leafy lashes and vine-filled facial hair, all appearing as though it were copper aged green with only hints of the original bright metal peaking through cracks and the occasional polished surface.

With a felted back that allows it to fit firmly against the wall and two brackets for screws or wall hangers, it can be placed anywhere upon your wall where the Greenman's verdant image might be displayed to best effect. Indeed, the flat expanse of its top might even be used as a small shelf if you desired. The whole piece measures approximately 8" tall and 12" wide.

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  • Model: AZSG932MC

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