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Thor with Mjolnir


In brilliant sculpture we find a mighty image of the Norse god of thunder, Thor. Richly detailed, the fearsome deity is depicted as a muscled warrior, scarred and muscled from years of swinging his magical hammer, Mjolnir, which was said to return to him after being thrown and to possess the power to hurl lightning. It was also his favored weapon in the many tales where he is said to have fought giants. Known as the frequent protector of the gods and humanity, he is also girded with his magical belt, Megingjord and theiron bracers, Jarngreipr, which allowed him which magically increased his strength, allowing him to heft his mighty hammer in battle against the Giants. Indeed, he may well be shown waging his battle against them here, as he seems poised to strike with every muscle taut and Mjolnir raised high above his head, to throw at his enemies before it would magically return to his hand, allowing him to continue the fight. This vivid statue possesses a heavy weight, and is crafted expertly of cold cast resin before being painted so as to possess the same luster and color of sculpted bronze, making it a fantastic piece for desks, bookshelves, altars or any other place around the home or office that you might wish to display the glory of Thor. This statue measures approximately 10 1/2" high and 5 1/2" wide

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