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MCFCQ20 Quartz Crystal Ball 20- 24oz limited supply



Each of these large, polished spheres have been meticulously crafted from solid quartz, resulting in each possessing a uniquely beautiful appearance certain to be a fantastically helpful tool within your divination magic. Possessing all of the qualities of quartz, each sphere is largely translucent, with visible fissures and sprawling lines that create reflective surfaces and planes within the crystal ball depending on which angle you look at it and what angle the light strikes it from. This aids in meditative contemplation as well as divination, helping to find answers and bring about visions and understanding.

As a large quartz crystal, it is also tremendously useful in directing energy, and absorbing and storing it as well, making it a powerful tool in general for your ritual magic. Each sphere measures approximately 3" in diameter, though exact sizes vary slightly between each piece, as they are polished, natural creations of the earth. Coming without a stand, they can fit just about any crystal ball stand purchased or of your own devising.

These are only available for a limited time, so get them while you can!

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